Fr. Blake Britton

Fr. Blake Britton is a priest of the Diocese of Orlando, Florida, holding degrees in both philosophy and theology. He is a published author and frequent guest speaker for conferences, talk shows, radio programs, podcasts, retreats, and lectures. His writings are featured in several national and international publications, including in the Word on Fire Institute’s Evangelization & Culture journal, the Word on Fire blog, National Catholic Register, Ignatius Press, and Ave Maria Press. He is author of the book Reclaiming Vatican II. In addition to writing, Fr. Blake has also been featured on EWTN and other media outlets. Finally, he is cohost, with Brandon Vogt, of The Burrowshire Podcast, a nationally acclaimed production. Fr. Blake currently serves four parish communities in Lakeland, Florida, and is an Assistant Vocations Director of the Diocese of Orlando.

Written by Fr. Blake Britton